Answer these 5 questions:

*use the PowerPoint along with the readings to help answer the question!*

*Link to help w/ questions:

1. Between feelings, religion, socially accepted norms, science, and law which do you think gets misinterpreted as ethics the most? Why? Please provide an example and tie it back to the readings.

2. By following the framework for ethical decision making; tell us about a time you had or to make an ethical decision. Was there any point where you got stuck, and if so, how did you get out of it? Apply the 10 steps from what you learned from this week’s reading in your example.

3. Relate Kidders chapter eight to the current news article.  If you agree with Kidder that we learn our virtues from repeatedly seeing or repeatedly listening then how could you explain the EYs report on the loss of integrity?  Would it be wrong to assume the pandemic is loosening peoples hopes and morals, so when one business starts to lose integrity others follow suit or is there more to this issue?  Explain. 

4. Based on the Kidder reading, what is an example of a time you faced a situation that can apply to the three modes of learning and teaching we discussed? Please provide a personal example from your life and describe how you managed the situation.

5. Think about the film or video you chose for this week (as a part of Readings and Viewings).  Analyze and describe how it connects with the readings, news article, and weekly theme.