1.Assume you are conduct an interview with an expert communicator. Your purpose is to find out what she or he thinks about Communication Excellence (i.e., a definition, examples, steps to greater excellence, etc.) in her or his area of expertise.

2. After you complete your interview, you are to type up a 2-page minimum paper of the communication summary from the interview. Have an introduction explaining who, when and where of the interview, including the qualifications of the expert. Include various parts of the communication process that apply to the Intro communications class: verbal and nonverbal communication, good versus bad listening skills, method of communicating using voice (tone, volume, etc.). or questions may be related to that persons area of expertise in terms of how communication plays a role in her or his job

3. Then in the body have a overall summary of what was learned about communication excellence from the interview. This can not be a word-for-word transcript of the questions and answers, but may include direct quotes to support your points about excellent or not-excellent communication. In the conclusion you should summarize what you learned about communication through this interview.