***Avoid plagiarism
I need a script for speech >10-minutes along with >12 slides of PowerPoint.

New product or process: “IT TRAINING” for all employees to avoid a Phishing attack.

You have been asked to speak to a group of companywide technicians who will be using your product or process in the coming months.  Some of them have an awareness of the change the company is starting, but others dont.  So you will need to give them a basic understanding of the topic, and then expand from there and give specific details that hands-on technicians will be interested in.  You dont have to teach them how to do the process, use the machine or product at this point.  But you do have to tell them how the process, machine, or product works.  Make sure to give them the major parts of the machine or product, or the principle steps of the process.

To prepare for your presentation:
    Analyze your audience
    Determine your purpose
    Generate ideas to add to your basic overview presentation
    Form an outline
    Develop a 12-20 slide PowerPoint presentation from your outline