Hello I need a letter wrote to the school board that summarizes a policy analysis that I wrote. The writer will need to read the analysis and form a letter to the school board about the changes I reqiested om the policy analysis. I will provide a copy of the policy analysis to the writer, it is 8 pages. About the TRIO policy you can see details of the policy here https://www2.ed.gov/programs/triostudsupp/index.html

The final assignment is to write a letter to a
policymaker (i.e., Congressperson, local or state legislator, Senator) to communicate your support or
provide a suggested revision of a higher education policy. Writing a letter to a policymaker is an
effective and easy way to share your views. Letters should be no more than 3 pages single-spaced, not including references. References for this
assignment can be included as a footnote on the last page, but still properly APA cited.
Things to remember when writing:

Address only one issue per letter. Such a letter will have more impact and receive a quicker
response than one covering multiple issues. If you have professional expertise on the issue you are addressing, be sure to describe it.
State your aims clearly at the outset (e.g., summarize existing research/policies/initiatives, report
policy findings, present your position). Spell out clearly and carefully why what you have found is
important and different from what was known previously.
Think about your ‘elevator pitch’. How would you persuade a key decision maker in the two
minutes it takes to ride the elevator? This should form the basis of your Introduction of Policy at
the beginning of your letter.
Focus on your (policy-relevant) findings and recommendations. These should be highlighted,
and take up most space. Keep it simple a short letter is not the place for nuance. Is the overall
presentation and writing quality up to professional standards? Do you avoid excessive wordiness?
Policy recommendations should be clear, specific and realistic but dont be over-cautious or sit
on the fence; embrace your findings and recommendations.
Include brief references. References for this assignment can be included as a footnote on the last
page, but still properly APA cited. In a 3-page brief about 5-7 references will provide evidence
without overwhelming or distracting, or turning the brief into an academic paper.

If appropriate, make it personal. Tie the issue to your personal expertise or experience, or to the
district or state represented by the legislator. Use your own words.
Use plain English. Avoid jargon – spell out acronyms and explain technical terms in the text the first
time they are used. But stay formal – avoid contractions (isnt, doesnt, etc.).

If need be, break up the text and highlight key points. Keep paragraphs concise and use sub-
headings, if need be, to engage the reader.

Proofread carefully! Simple grammatical errors or spelling mistakes can undermine your