Paper 3: The Type of Monument
At this point, your Renaissance patron is ready to conceive a suitable monument to him or herself. ART class addresses many types of potential monuments that should inspire you. There are secular monuments, primarily in the form of palaces commissioned by merchants and churchmen (cardinals and popes), but also in the form of infrastructure: bridges, roads, piazzas, aqueducts, fountains. We also discuss ecclesiastical monuments (churches and chapels) and we see in many cases that the boundaries between secular and ecclesiastical are not distinct (a sacristy also used as a family mausoleum; a papal chapel that celebrates a particular dynasty). Remember that your monument should be appropriate to the identity and goals of your patron. For this assignment you must describe the type of monument and its location, provide a detailed description of the layout and a drawing of a floor plan, and describe all relevant architectural features and their significance (i.e., does it have a dome or a particular facade design? is it made from a significant type of stone, etc.?). Because you need to provide considerable detail, this assignment must be two to three pages in length (typed, double-spaced text in a 12-point font with one-inch margins), not counting illustrations.

at least 700 words.

1. Please read the proposal I uploaded first. this paper is a continuation of the proposal.
2. You need to invent and complete the info of the fictional pope Joseph V.
3. You must be based on the feature and culture of the Renaissance to invent all the info/events to form the paper. Your idea should be reasonable.
4.!!!!!!! Do not change the real historical event. But you can invent a non-
5. You can change some info from the proposal related to pope Joseph V. But the patron must be pope Joseph V.
6. Do not copy a real historical figure/people/event and just change his name and part info.
7. You can say some real historical people/events influence your invented patron/events.
    you can create a social relationship between famous historical people(such as real famous painters) with your patron.
8. Please change some info according to the instruction from paper 2 in your paper 3. I will upload it later.