1. Introduction w/ a thesis
2. Core section that (a) summarizes the reading and (b) responds/reacts to the reading by addressing one or more of the following questions:
How is the assigned reading related to ideas and concerns discussed in the course?
For example, what points made in previous course materials, class discussions, or
lectures are treated more fully or expanded upon in the reading?
How is the reading related to other problems in contemporary Latin America?
How are ideas and conclusions from the reading related to your life, experiences,
feelings, and ideas? For instance, what emotions did the reading arouse in you?
Did the reading increase your understanding of a particular issue or idea? Did it
change your perspective and/or add detail to your perspective in any way?
3. Conclusion. The conclusion must include a brief statement on the merits of the reading: the importance of the scholars findings to the history of Latin America, the validity of those findings (based on the types of evidence/primary sources evaluated by the scholar), or the completeness of the reserach (Are there any questions left unanswered? Or does it provoke new questions for you?).

Double-spaced; Times New Roman size 12; 1-inch margins
Title: original and reflective of the when, where, and what (i.e. topic or thesis) of your paper
Page numbers at bottom-center or top-right
Chicago Style footnotes

– No secondary resources! Only the writing I uploaded.