The Learning & Action paper should be about a 50/50 split, with
50% covering descriptions and reflections on key concepts covered and learned that
ring true for the student, and 50% covering a specific action plan on how the
learnings will be used by the student.

These are the course sections:

Your Definition of Leadership Options Menu: Forum   
In your own words, what is your definition of leadership?  Why do you think your article is an example of good, ethical leadership?  Be sure to attach a copy of your article to your thread in PDF format.

Moral Reasoning Options Menu: Forum   
Select an issue facing leadership now. Take a stand on what you feel should be the solution, and explain your reasoning and approach behind it. Is your stand based on utilitarian concepts, individual or moral rights, or justice and fairness? What level of moral reasoning?

What is a “mensch”? Options Menu: Forum   
Research and answer the questions:  What is a mensch?  What are the characteristics?  What are the behaviors?  How does it relate to leadership?  Cite your sources.

Gratitude & Resilience Options Menu: Forum   
How important is gratitude?  How does a mensch practice gratitude?  How is a mensch resilient?  How did White show resilience?

Compassion & Relationships Options Menu: Forum   
How and in what situations is a mensch compassionate?  How does a mensch build relationships?

Callings Options Menu: Forum   
Research and answer the question:  How can work be a calling?  How does this relate to a mensch?  What is YOUR calling?