1.Keep a diary of your listening behaviors for a period of at least 4 waking hours. Indicate what you were doing during that time frame & the listening behaviors you engaged in.
2.You will submit a 2-page report. The first page will be the notes from your listening diary (described in point 1 above).  The second page will be your responses to the following questions:

1.Identify your listening types during that time period (e.g., appreciative, evaluative).
2.Which types of listening did you use most often and least often? Why do you think thats the case?
3.Identify your general listening style (e.g., action-oriented, content-oriented). Why do you think this is your general style?
4.How would you evaluate your use of listening styles/types during this time frame? What might you change in the future to be a better listener?

NOTE:  You do not need to go out in public to complete this assignment.  You also listen on the phone, to TV/music/videogames, to friends/family in your home, etc.