Please respond to BOTH discussion prompts

Discussion Prompt # 1 The goal of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project is to promote the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) necessary for nurses to raise the level of quality and safety in healthcare. Review the following six QSEN Competencies:
1. Patient-Centered Care
2. Teamwork & Collaboration
3. Evidence-based Practice
4. Quality Improvement
5. Safety
6. Informatics

Choose one and discuss how the chosen competency was implemented in your practice site and how it influenced nursing practice. In addition, identify key organizations leading patient safety movements in the US.

Discussion Prompt # 2 Describe an error that occurred in the agency where you practice that resulted in harm to the patient and one that did not. If you cannot access information about an error, use one of the sentinel events cited in Box 23.5, Chapter 23 page 741 in the attached PDF as an example to consider. What would you suggest to prevent a reoccurrence? Decide under what circumstances you would inform the patient and family and under what circumstances you would withhold the information.

*Utilize the attached PDF for assistance in answering discussion prompts.

*Please use only professional references which includes nursing or other healthcare-related journals, professional websites, or textbooks. Thank you.