To explore the metaparadigm concepts of nursing (i.e., nursing, person, environment, and health) from your personal perspective and explore personal and professional values.

Address all of the questions/criteria below and the other items outlined in the Grading Rubric to ensure your assignment meets all the criteria for this assignment.

Provide a brief, general discussion of your personal philosophy of nursing (such as its purpose, relevance and/or importance) and the purpose of the paper. Content must be paraphrased. Never copy/paste from a source even if you give credit.
Personal Philosophy
Thoroughly describe each major concept in the metaparadigm (i.e., nursing, person, environment, and health) as they are incorporated within your own personal philosophy. You may use a nursing theorist from your book or other source as a guide.

Provide a brief and concise, clinical example of how each concept in the personal philosophy is demonstrated within your own nursing practice, i.e., how do you incorporate your beliefs about nursing, health, environment, and person into your nursing practice on a routine basis? For example, if you believe the person is composed of body/mind/spirit, describe the exact ways you apply that belief in your care.
Values Clarification
Using the ‘Values Clarification Exercise’ on page 155 of the 7th edition of the Friberg text, select your top 3 values of importance to you and discuss how they affect your interactions with clients.

Provisions and Impact
Discuss at least two of the provisions in the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements you think you could improve at incorporating into your practice.

Explain the impact this improvement would have on your practice.
Logical closure to the full scope of ideas presented by reemphasizing the main points of the paper and/or providing suggestions. Content must be paraphrased. Never copy/paste from a source even if you give credit. This should not be an editorial commentary on nursing but rather a summation of the main points of the paper.
Philosophy/Values Rubric to understand the expectations for this assignment.

The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (excluding the title page and references). Do not exceed the page limit. Content exceeding the 5 page limit will not be graded.  Any references should been within the last 5 years for evidence based practice

Students must use the APA book as a guide when writing.