Due  Feb 9th
Directions:  Search credible websites for clinical practice guidelines or recommendations from a professional organization on evidence-based practices related to the subject you selected for your PICOT question.

You can use Credible website: Cochrane.org, (www.cochrane.org),  Joanna Briggs Institute (http://joannabriggs.org/). Or CDC.gov

PICOT Question provided: In teen and adult obesity studies(P), how do the psychological factors (I) compared to health related quality of life(C) affect diagnosis, prognosis(O), and treatment within the general adult US population(T)?

Please write in body of paper: 
    In the first sentence, state the purpose of guidelines and cite the source in APA format.
    Then describe the developers (authors’ credentials or organizations who wrote it) and why you think this is a credible source or developer. Note: National Guideline Clearinghouse is the publisher, not the developer.
    Conclude with how relevant their guidelines or recommendations are to your PICOT.
    List the complete reference at the bottom.