Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely is a well-known saying attributed to John Dahlberg-Acton, 8th Baronet, although the original idea was far from his own. The idea of the corrupting nature of power can be seen all throughout history in many and various individuals, both real and invented, and they are fascinating studies. Still, this saying begs the question, Does power always corrupt? Are there individuals who have attained power and wielded it for good? Is Lord Acton correct? We will see.

Your assignment for our first essay is to begin by answering the issue question presented above. Use the essay introduction to generally discuss the definition of power and also corruption as you intend to use it in your essay. Then move on to your body paragraphs.

You should have only one position, throughout the essay that you have considered and chosen: YES or NO. Then, continue on by examining the nature and influence of power in some of the characters we have studied so far this term. How do they handle the power they have been given? Pick two characters, one male and one female from our readings that BOTH support your thesis position using our readings and videos/films/power points for your examples.

Then, moving on, for the second half of the essay, consider real-life individuals in or world today (after 2000 please!) Also use one male and one female and discuss their uses of power, just as before using only ONE position.

The essay should use the printed sources we have read for your research/evidence and three (3) other ones as well. Your essay MUST be in the English Departments standard of the MLA format for both the essay format (including page numbers with your last name) and for your intext citations and Works Cited page. You should show knowledge of a well developed thesis and introduction, supporting body paragraphs, and conclusions, as you learned in CRWT 101 and 102.