-“Primary Research” section of the Project #1 Assignment Prompt.

Technical Communication, Chapter 6, Researching Your Subject (pay specific attention to Conducting Primary Research>Questionnaires)
Driscoll’s “Introduction to Primary Research.”
Assignment Overview

In this response, each individual student will work on conducting primary research for your collaborative technology research report. Do this as soon as possible (asap)! You must have survey results for Due Date #6. 

To do this, you will
Individually answer the questions below.
Draft 3 possible questionnaire questions.
Discuss what information your questions are trying to gather.
Answer Questions | Develop Questionnaire Questions

Identify what you are trying to learn (what are your research questions?). Remember, for Project #1 you are focusing on the collaborative tool(s) of a specific field/profession/discipline. What do you already know about collaborative tools used? What do you want to learn or confirm?
Identify participants and data collection and management methods.
Who will you send the questionnaire to? Identify the people or positions that might be both willing to complete the survey and provide the information you’re looking for to answer your research question.
What program will be used to create the questionnaire? Identify two(2) possible programs to create and send out your questionnaire.
Where will the questionnaire data be stored? Analyzed? Discuss whether or not you’ll do this directly in the questionnaire tool, how you will make sure the whole group can access and analyze the data?
How will you send out the survey? Discuss whether how you’ll get your questionnaire to your participants.
When will you stop collecting responses? Discuss how long the survey will be live before you stop accepting responses.
Develop 3-5 possible questionnaire questions.
Your questions should be specific to your research question and the topic of collaborative technology in the selected profession. Make sure each question is focusing on one topic.

Initial post includes:
a research question
the who, what, where, when, and how of your questionnaire
3-5 questionnaire questions