If you were the nurse in this situation, which client from the 4 listed below should you see first? Identify the priority framework you are using and the rationale for your selection.

Patient 1: Nancy Jones in room 6310 has an infiltrated IV line. We were unable to start a new line and her ampicillin is due at 8 am.
Patient 2: Justin Foster in room 6314 called for pain medication at 7am so that still needs to be given.
Patient 3: Anna Chen in room 6315 is diagnosed with gastritis and called for assistance to the restroom. I’ve contacted assistive personnel and let them know about this.
Patient 4: Lenny Williams in room 6307 contacted Laura, the assistive personnel, stating that he’s experienced pain in his right calf; and laura stated that his calf is red.

Priority setting frameworks to choose from: ABC, acute vs. chronic, emergent vs. routine, assessment first, safety, and risk reduction etc.

Your paper should be 2 pages
You are required to use and cite one academic source.
Use current APA Style.
Include a title page and a reference page listing the source(s) you used.