Race & Ethnicity in the Media
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For this discussion I want you to analyze how the media depicts race/ethnicity in various ways. I’ve prepared a template Preview the document for you to use in order to organize the data you will collect.

1. First, list your three favorite television shows. For each show, identify the racial/ethnic makeup of the main actors (these should be the leading men and/or women that people consider the “stars” of the show).

2. Next, list race/ethnicity of the supporting cast members.

3. Watch these shows during the week and make sure to watch the commercials. Document the racial/ethnic makeup of the actors in each commercial.

4. Tabulate the data using the template I’ve prepared and discuss the differences between the main actors, supporting cast, and actors in the commercials.

5. Did you observe any instances of stereotyping on the shows you watched? Describe your findings in detail. Be sure to note if your findings from the commercials do or do not correlate with the actors in the shows.

6. When you post your discussion response be sure to attach your completed table in order to receive full credit.