Part 2: On-Boarding a New Employee

You are asked to review the statements below and identify the following:

    Education Plan:     Develop an education (training) plan for a new employee. Be sure to include the following in your training:

        Policy and procedure.
        Machine training.
        Employee relations.
        Prescription fulfillment.
        Supervisor schedule before being allowed to function alone.

    Adaptability of Education Plan:     A part of developing an education (training) plan includes the ability to adapt based upon not only the needs of the individual, but also the environment that they are in. In the event that changes happen within the pharmacy, how do you address the following:

        Being short staffed and training a new employee.
        Electronic equipment being down in the pharmacy when training.
        Pharmacy being too busy to spend 1:1 time training.

    Statement:     You are the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor at your local pharmacy. You have a new employee starting in 2 weeks and need to develop a training plan for them. This is the first job for this employee since they have recently completed school.