Before submitting papers, please do the following:

1. Fully proof-read your paper, looking for any typos, grammatical errors, and incorrect citations.  (Full citations for course readings are available on the syllabus).

2.  Be sure to back all claims with fact, and provide in-text and end citations for all sources.  Opinions need not be cited, but the non-personal reasons that lead to your opinions might need to be.  Whenever possible, back personal views with factual evidence to strengthen your personal narrative.  (E.g., “In my experience, America is/not a democracy because….  In fact, statistics from __________ support my view (Stats, 2019).”  You may use outside sources. 

3.  Attach the “essay rubric” (found in modules under “other materials”  to the beginning or end of your paper.  If necessary, simply copy and paste the rubric. 

4.  Save your paper as a PDF document.  This will allow me to use a stylus pen and write on your paper electronically.

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