Three poems of Maya Angelou, “The Mask, I Am Human, and I Still Rise”, have been uploaded from YouTube. Click on ‘Maya Angelou poems’ to view the videos.

After viewing and listening to the poems, reflect on their messages or themes.

For Reflection Assignment #13- please respond to the questions below.

1) What are some of the themes or messages that come to you from listening to these poems?

2) How can we protect our human dignity?

“We are not against other people, only what they are doing. Means are ends in the making; nothing good can ultimately result from violence.” ~ Anonymous

3) Integrate an insight that you gained from viewing the film  “Leymah Gbowee” with the themes of the poems including the concept of nonviolence. The video can be found at the end of the article click on the box that states WATCH Leymah Gbowee on Democracy now.