Write a Reflection Paper  on adolescence
Here are some ideas to get started:
Since this is a reflection paper: use ” I believe or I disagree”
Imagine, You are a female,  the eldest of 4 siblings. You have open communication and a supportive family, especially your mother.. You also grow up in a Philippine catholic culture or that values modesty, no boyfriend until 18.  You grow up secure and feel good about your body image.  Though at times peer pressure gets in the way, you do not easily get influence because of how you were raised. You have few rebellion stages like skipping school.
You may talk a little bit about Erikson Psychosocial theory, particularly,  Identity versus Role confusion
What was it like in terms of physical, cognitive, socioemotional development? ( Think nature versus nurture)  :  Feelings about body image,  body changes, moodiness, decision making
What was it like? Did things change or stay the same? What sort of things worried you most? Did you have to follow rules? What was the biggest conflict you had growing up in your home? If you have siblings were the rules different? Did you see problems that they had that you didn’t or vice versa? Pinpoint any specific changes you felt. Stereotypes you felt as a teenager were directed at you growing up.