The writing is about two stories “Lawn” by Mona Simpson ( and “Theft” by Joyce Carol Oates (
The prompt given:
“As you reread “Theft,” choose either Marya or Imogene as an example of the ways Oates creates a female character. When you reread “Lawns,” focus on how Simpson creates Jenny. You’ll need to read both stories for passages or moments that best represent how the authors create female characters. What arguments, ether acknowledged or unacknowledged, might each author be making about women?

Working from your examples, write an essay in which you discuss how Oates and Simpson represent women.”

The requirements are:
Essay must be at least 1,000 words
Your CLAIM should appear in the first paragraph
Use QUOTATIONS to qualify your points
Include in-text citations but NOT a Works Cited page
The conclusion should NOT merely restate your previous points