Search for a case of alleged or proven fabrication or falsification that has received media attention;
there are a number of famous cases (avoid selecting a plagiarism case now; we will discuss that topic later, and also avoid using the Han case from Iowa State; its been overused).
Learn as much as you can about the case you choose. Then prepare 2-3 paragraphs total that answer the following questions:

1. In the case you researched, what did the investigator do that was alleged to be or determined to be research misconduct? How was the case resolved? At what point do you think the investigator made the decision to commit research misconduct? Why do you think the investigator made the choices they did? What might have done to prevent it?

2. Imagine that a similar event occurred in your own laboratory.
a. How could you have detected the alleged misconduct?
b. What would you have done once you detected it?

3. Talk to your PI or lab mates. Have they encountered questionable research practices from anyone theyve worked with in the past? How did they handle it? What would they do if they did encounter such a situation? Provide a sentence or two summarizing your conversation.