Answer this discussion question:

“Owltown residents are expressing concerns about gun violence in the city and around the country.  A recent survey of citizens indicates that the public would like laws to be passed that will control both the demand- and supply-side of the gun markets.  Their belief is that legislation will have the biggest impact on this issue, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in gun violence.

You have been hired as policy support staff for Owltowns state representative, Eileen Tudor-Wright.  She is scheduled to speak to the State Senate tomorrow and needs you to put together a brief on the policies that she should put forth.  Representative Tudor-Wright favors 2nd Amendment protections, but also believes the state ultimately has a responsibility to ensure that evidenced-based policies are passed.  Representative Tudor-Wright is up for re-election next term and expects your brief to guarantee her seat in Washington. 

Your job now is to present a brief to Representative Tudor-Wright that includes a short discussion for each gun policy that she should support.  She likes to be prepared for all questions, so make sure to provide her with citations in the case that somebody challenges her position.”