Please read Ludwig Tieck, “The Fair-Haired Eckbert” and answer the following questions in complete sentences, making specific references to the text. (“Specific references” can take the form of direct quotes or detailed answers that demonstrate that you’ve read the tale.)

1. How is the title character described in the opening paragraph? (2 sentences)

2. Why does Bertha tell Walther the story of her youth? (1 sentence)

3. Briefly summarize the story Bertha tells. Include in this summary an explanation of why Bertha runs away from home. (4-5 sentences)

4. What can’t Bertha remember, and who supplies the missing information? What is the effect of this recovered knowledge on Bertha? (2 sentences)

5. How are Eckbert and Bertha related? (1-2 sentences)

6. Did you understand this tale? Did you like it? Why/why not? 3-4 sentences)