i have attached the study unit and assignment booklet fyi

Singapore, ranging from the FMCG, Services, Manufacturing or Retail industry) and you are responsible for the marketing communications of a product or service (select one of your choice).
The past year was particularly challenging for your company due to the global pandemic. Hence, the Marketing Director of your company has asked you to reassess the current publicity and promotional efforts of your product/service using social media.
You have been tasked to engage in strategic social media management. You may make relevant assumptions about the current situation of your company.
Upon providing a clear background of your selected product/service (5 marks), come up with a social media strategy by completing the following task.

i would like to me the M1 telco marketing guy

there are 3 telcos in Singapore Singtel Starhub and M1, Singtel has a fully digital plan,


But M1 does not have any, so for this assignment, I,m responsible for marketing communications with plan social media plan for M! to introduce a Fully digital plan? example choose plan on-line delivered to your doorstep, any issues chat on-line to resolve…