Read the attached article “drop out” carefully, paying attention to the idea behind the study (Some questions to keep in mind while reading:
-What were the authors trying to learn?
-What where the important variables?
-How did this study relate to past research?
-How was the study actually done?
-What were the results?)

In this Assignment, you are CONVERTING this research article about dropouts into what it must have looked like as a RESEARCH PROPOSAL.
In other words, you are now outlining how you would go about conducting your research (be sure to note the change in language from an article, when the authors talk about the steps that they took and the data that they found).
Remember that there are no data/ findings to report in a proposal since you have yet to conduct any of your own research.
**Fill in the information in the outline with as much detail as possible. You will need to go back through the article to find the items.