To: Consultant
From: Mary Smith, Partner, CanesConsulting
Subject: WeWork consultation

Our new client, WeWorks CEO Sandeep Mathrani, will be coming in to discuss the companys future. Plan to speak with Mr. Mathrani for three to five minutes about how the company can raise more capital. Note that it may still want to go public despite its failed attempt at a traditional IPO in 2019 so you should propose one of two options: 1. suggest a new private investor for the company and explain why WeWork should remain private for now; or 2. recommend that it merge with a SPAC (special-purpose acquisition company) and explain why WeWork should go public in the coming months. Please address arguments for and against both options, discuss how majority owner, SoftBank Group, would be affected by your recommendation, and consider which strategy is most sustainable for the company long-term.