Essay MUST be submitted as a WORD document. If I can’t open your essay, you won’t get credit (If you don’t have Word, Download Office 365 for free through Vol State)
3 pages (minimum) in Times New Roman 12 font, regular margins, double spaced
include an introduction, a conclusion, and at least three body paragraphs that are organized by topic
Use at least five sources (2 eLearn, 2 researched ) in your analysis
Use MLA formatting
Cite your work using in-text citations
provide a Works Cited page at the end of the essay
Your essay will be checked for plagiarism using a tool called Turnitin.  Here’s how it works: Turnitin plagiarism detection
Avoid general reference sites like, Britannica, Kahn Academy, etc. They may be accurate, but they will not add much to your analysis.
The sources you evaluate (and ultimately use in your essay) need to be of good quality, relevant to your topic, and contribute new ideas and information that you would not find in the Elearn source or textbook. The relevance, depth, and quality of your sources are part of your grade.

I provided the two elearn sourcesfor use in the essay.