Focus: Remembering that oppression is prejudice backed by institutional power, for this essay, you are going to examine one question: How do Capitalism and/or White Supremacy function to fuel the Prison Industrial Complex?
Your paper also needs to:-
Pose a solution for how to resist/upturn/dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex for us to work toward a more just society be specific-
Use evidence from readings we have used in class supplemental articles or Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis-
Use at least two credible sources from outside of class (which means you need to research)

Questions to think about for your essay (you dont need to answer these directly; these are just jumping off points):-How does the institution retain its power?-What is the ethical dilemma with profiting off of punishment/refashioning slavery?-What are some of the long-term effects of the oppression upon which the Prison Industrial Complex enacts?-How does Oppression Logic (the 4 Is) function to uphold the idea of prisons and criminality?-How does the formation of the idea of criminality help perpetuate conceptions of prisons?
Length Requirement: Minimum of 2000 words (about 6 pages, double spaced)
Other Requirements: –
Your essay should follow MLA format, with lines cited in-text in parenthetical citation form
-You should have a Works Cited at the end of your paper (which does not count in your word/page count).
-Use block quote format when you are quoting more than 3 lines you can use no more than 2 block quotes; exceeding 2 will lose you points.