Project for Health Class

You will create a 1-page research paper (typed double space 12-inch font) on any communicable or non-communicable disease.  You will pick the disease based off either the first initial of your first name or the first initial of your last name. (Ex. OConnor-Smith, since my first initial begins with O- I will research Osteoporosis).  You can choose any disease we used on the worksheets in your google classroom or you can choose one that was not mentioned in those worksheets.  The following items below, must be mentioned in your project.

Introduction of yourself.
The name of the disease.
The cause of the disease.
How is that disease diagnosed?
What are the symptoms?
How is the disease diagnosed? (ex. Blood test, urine test, Cat scan)

DO NOT PLAGARIZE and COPY PASTE.  This project must be done in your own words.  You may use notes that we used in class to help you with this project.  Good Luck.