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Essay #1 Due MONDAY, MAR 15 BEFORE 11:59PM
Due Monday by 11:59pm Points 150 Submitting a file upload File Types doc, docx, and pdf
For this essay, I want you to develop a 600 word essay that address the following prompt. Please follow MLA 8th edition for formatting, including double-spacing, and using Times New Roman 12-point. Go here for a sample MLA paper (Links to an external site.).

**Make sure you put your Word Count at that top of the first page.

Essay organization

Your essay should have a standard introduction with the central idea for the essay (e.g. thesis) laid out in the last sentence of the first paragraph, and at least 3 supporting paragraphs, followed by a conclusion.

Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that tells me what the paragraph is going to discuss. Then, you should use evidence in the paragraph to prove and support the topic sentence.

Your essay should end with a conclusion that concludes something or leaves the reader with something to think about.


Define FEMININITY (what being a WOMAN means) or Masculininty (what being a man means) today by using an example of a person who best defines femininity or masculininty to you.
You should define femininity or masculinity however you so choose. You can use the stereotypes we discussed during weeks 1 and 2, or you can choose your own definitions that do not rely on stereotypes.

Introduce the person you have chosen in your introduction. This person can be someone you personally know like a friend or relative, or it can be someone famous. I’d prefer you use a more contemporary person, not someone from history.

Then, your thesis should list what elements define this person as related to the foundational ideas of gender we’ve discussed so far in the class.

In your essay you should offer specific descriptions of how this person reflects your concept of femininity by referencing back to at least 3 people, ideas, or examples we’ve discussed so far this semester. You should use these examples to prove how the person you chose reflects the ideas as defined by your examples.