While bureaucrats have an awful lot of power, they do have some accountability to the public.  For example, most of the rules bureaucrats propose must be open for public comment.  These proposed rules are posted on The Federal Register, and are there for anyone to review and comment on, typically for 60 days.

Your task is to go to The Federal Register and review a proposed rule under the Current Issue section.  To receive credit, you’ll need to:

Summarize the rule– who proposed it, and what will it change? (0-3 points)

Analyze the rule– give at least one reason why the new rule would be good, and one reason why it would be bad (0-3 points)

Evaluate the rule– Should the rule be passed?  Why, or why not? (0-4 points)

Be sure your essay is at least 250 words long, and includes a link to the proposed rule.  No credit will be awarded if you fail to do this.  Also– keep in mind that, while this is a shorter essay, you are still expected to use multiple paragraphs in your essay.  No credit will be awarded if your essay is only one paragraph long.