1) Please describe two examples (1a/1b) documented in the segment regarding how advances in digital technology have created challenges for journalists and news organizations.

2) News organizations feel pressure to produce content (e.g., stories about puppies) that people will want to consume in order to make profits. 2a) How does this pressure relate to the uses and gratifications perspective of media that we have covered extensively in class? 2b) How have advances in digital technology exacerbated this problem?

3) In my lecture I talked about how advances in technology have led us in society to value the immediacy of information. Please read the following article for further information on the topic: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/inside-out-outside-in/201806/the-immediacy-digital-media-better-or-worseLinks to an external site.

Please reflect on your own media habits. 3a) Please explain the degree to which you feel pressure to essentially value the immediacy of information by constantly being connecting to other people and information sources. 3b) Please explain how you deal with or minimize the potential risks of being constantly connected to other people and information sources.