find one additional source using the library databases to add to class sources on our topic. You will start by finding at least three peer reviewed articles that  address an issue or issues that you feel are neglected in our Core Readings.  Your chosen sources should also address areas of the readings that you find interesting or have a questions about. Read them, mark them up and then, after careful evaluation, construct an annotated bibliography entry for the article you find most credible for your research needs.

Your entry should include the following 4 things:

an MLA style  citation
Followed by three well developed paragraphs that offer,

a brief summary
an evaluation of the source for author credibility, bias, strengths and limitations based on the CRAAP worksheet.
A reflection on how you might use this source in your argument
Read the Little Seagull chapter on writing an annotated bibliography and review examples before writing your own. This library resource may prove helpful: