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You must write a description of an object, mechanism, or process used in your field for publication in the magazine sent to employees and their families. (If you cant find an object or mechanism in your field, choose one you are interested in or something you have on hand.

NOTE: You will have to write a technical description on your research topic for your technical report later in the semester, so if you want to use that topic for your technical description assignment now, it will save you time later. That’s not a requirement, but I thought I would mention it.

1.    Begin the article with a specific title that indicates the topic and what you want to say about it.
2.    Your document will have three main sections. The first will be the introduction. Use the heading, Introduction for this section.
3.    Write an introduction that indicates the nature and scope of the description. The first sentence of the introduction should be a formal sentence definition. (Item = category + distinguishing characteristics)  Make sure the introduction clarifies what it is, what it does, what it looks like, or anything else pertinent. The introduction will be a form of extended definition.
4.    The second main section of the document is the body, in this case, a part-by-part description or a step-by-step process. The body of the description provides appropriate detail of the principal parts of the object or mechanism, or steps of a process. Ensure your object, mechanism or process is sufficiently complex to have at least three parts or steps to describe.  Use the heading, Part-by-Part Description, or Step-by-Step Description for this section of the document.
5.    The third and last main section of this document is the conclusion. Finish with a brief conclusion of the important focus of your description. Use the heading