1)Explain BEST BUY FROM THE LAST 4 years business level strategy USING THE VALUE CREATION FRONTIER.
2)Which generic strategy is your company using?

3)What are the drivers of that strategy (WHICH BUILDING BLOCKS)?  Have you discussed strategic drivers as strengths or weaknesses?
4)Do the strengths support the strategy or is the strategy impacted by the weaknesses?
For example, if Google lost its ability to innovate could it be a successful differentiator? 

5) 35 Points: Is the business level strategy working? You can prove whether it is or not with the industry-Company ROIC trend graph.
6)If it is working, ROIC will be above the industry and above 10% (Note: The average return (1928 2014) for the S&P is approximately 8% to10%). This is not a discussion of Competitive Advantage.