Review the Question Below and Formulate an Essay Response. This is not a research paper, feel free to google but please don’t include any citations and don’t include any quotations in the essay.

“Maurice and LaTonya have an eighteen-month oral contract that calls for Maurice to make four deliveries of flour a month to LaTonyas bakery. The most recent order left the quantity blank as Maurices supplier had a shortage of an ingredient critical to LaTonyas only gluten-free cupcakes. Maurice did not notify LaTonya of the shortage assuming the shortage would be remedied by the next deliverys due date. Relying on Maurices and LaTonyas past course dealings, LaTonya offered to cater Shelby and Caras 500 person wedding with her famous gluten-free cupcakes. The wedding contract was worth $4,750. The shortage continued and LaTonya was not able to provide gluten-free cupcakes so instead delivered regular cupcakes at a discounted price. Discuss all potential claims, the legal implications and possible outcomes to this disputation.”