Review the Question Below and Formulate an Essay Response. This is not a research paper, feel free to google but please don’t include any citations and don’t include any quotations in the essay.

“Hirasch is an inventor. One day, as Hirasch is driving down the road, he sees a group of friends changing a flat tire on the side of a busy roadway. As the friends celebrate their accomplishment, Hirasch ponders how difficult and inconvenient it can be to change a flat tire and decided to invent a self-inflating tire to revolutionize the automotive industry. Hirasch designs and builds his new invention so when a tire becomes flat, the consumer can push a lever and the tire auto-inflates using a motor that consistently pushes air into the tire to allow it to function until the tire itself can be repaired or replaced. Hirasch is proud of his invention and calls his friend Sionde to tell her all about it. When Sionde hears about Hiraschs self-inflating tire, she sees dollar signs. You have invented a million-dollar product, Hirasch! Sionde exclaims. Can I help you market it? Hirasch agrees to let Sionde market the self-inflating tire. 
A few days later, Sionde calls Hirasch and tells him she has come up with a name and logo for his self-inflating tire, the Never Changer and wrote a fun song about it that she put on You Tube. Sionde also tells Hirasch that investors will be calling him to help package the Never Changer and bring it to market. Hirasch is excited and waits by his phone. After a few weeks of not hearing anything, Hirasch is watching TV when he sees a commercial about a self-inflating tired called the Never Changer that, according to the ad, already has thousands of happy customers. Hirasch is shocked and immediately calls Sionde to see what happened, but there is no response. A few days later, Hirasch hears from a mutual friend that Sionde retired and moved to Hawaii. Thinking that Sionde stole his idea, Hirasch decides to rename his self-inflating tire the Flatless Tire and decides to market it himself using the song that Sionde wrote. The Flatless Tire becomes a huge success. Consider and discuss all potential legal issues.”