Review the Question Below and Formulate an Essay Response. This is not a research paper, feel free to google but please don’t include any citations and don’t include any quotations in the essay.

“Assume that you are a criminal and like to conduct your business in an illegal and mean-spirited manner. Sometimes, you succeed in intentionally committing a crime. At other times, you end up committing a crime without planning to do so and just being unethical, regardless of whether you commit an actual crime. Identify and discuss every 1) crime against persons 2) crime against property and 3) crimes of dishonesty, along with 4) all the unethical acts you engage in while you run your business. Make sure that you identify all crimes by their proper names, the mental state involved, and what facts the prosecutor needs to prove in order to get a conviction. Assume also that a police officer suspects your illegal activities and investigates. Identify all the ways in which the officer can conduct her investigation and all the ways that you can keep whatever evidence she finds out of your trial if you are charged with any crime(s). Consider any and all defenses you may claim. Even if you did not commit a crime, identify all the ethics principles that you may have violated.”