Review the Question Below and Formulate an Essay Response. This is not a research paper, feel free to google but please don’t include any citations and don’t include any quotations in the essay.

“The City of Mos Eisely promotes officers in its police department based in part on the results of a written test. To avoid racial bias, the city hired a highly qualified outside consultant, Diamond Consulting, to create, monitor, and score the tests and produce the promotion list. Kei is a 41-year old high-ranking employee of Diamond Consulting who recently took leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act to help care for his newly adopted son with his partner Simon. Upon his return to work, Kei expected to go back to his supervisory role within Diamond, but instead his supervisor told him he would be placed in a different, subordinate position that paid him only two-thirds of the salary he had as supervisor and decreased his hours so he could no longer enjoy employment benefits such as insurance. Part of Keis new role was to design and create the written test for the police departments promotion Although the test was properly created, no officers of Race C scored high enough on the written exam to be promoted. The city was concerned that if it promoted only officers of Race A or Race B, the Race C officers would sue, so the city invalidated the test results. As a result, none of the Race A or Race B officers at the top of the list were promoted either. Once those in the police department learned that Kei designed the written exam, he began to receive anonymous threatening and harassing notes in his Inbox. JLo, a Race A officer, and Gaga, a Race B officer, sued the city, and Kei sued Diamond. What laws have been violated? If the Race C officers had sued, what type of discrimination would they have alleged? Explain. What remedies are availble to Kei? What type of discrimination could JLo and Gaga allege? Differentiate between the types of suits.”