You will need to purchase “Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma: The American Portraits Series First Edition, Kindle Edition” on amazon. It is $11 and I can send the money to pay for it or you can include it in the bid. Here is the link to purchase this kindle E-Book:

Please look at the attached document labeled “Pocahontas Assignment.” There you can read everything that needs to be completed and how it will need to get completed. Answers need to include quotes and page numbers for citing.

Teachers note:
” I’d also strongly (oh so strongly!) recommend that you read the assignment before you really get going on the book.  The first few questions?  You can bang those out after reading the first chapters.  The questions towards the end will be answered after you read the whole book.  Some of those last questions also will very much be you expressing your opinion; don’t worry about the “right answer” there.  Knowing the assignment questions will also help you remember you don’t need to know every detail in the book.  Read with the task at hand in mind.”