could you add on to this page of my case study and answer these questions. We don’t really have to use resource , also you can write up to two pages

Discuss the individuals basic physical description.

Were there prenatal issues, developmental delays, motor issues, sensory issues, etc.? If so, discuss the impact it had on development.

What role did critical periods play in the persons development? Provide a discussion of the theoretical concept of critical periods in their application in this persons life.

Did they achieve the typical developmental milestones on par with their peers? Provide a discussion of the concept of developmental milestones and typical age-graded normative influences on development.

What are some of the health issues facing the person? What are some of the common illnesses, injuries, etc. this person might have experienced? What are some of the nonnormative health issues this person has experienced?

What level of fitness does the person have? Does the person get adequate sleep, good nutrition, etc.? Apply the concepts of healthy life choices or lack thereof for this person.

What role does the persons phenotype play in maintaining health? Discuss the concepts of genotype and phenotype and the genotype-environmental relationship (passive, evocative, and active) and their impact on maintaining health.