please answer all the questions below after reading the article

1. This question refers to the Clerkin & Smith (2019) paper we discussed in class. Refer to this article in your answer.

What are some strengths of the research:

A. Define one type of research validity and/or reliability, Explain how the method used in Clerkin & Smith (2019) paper is reliable/valid, according to your definition.

B.  Define a second type of research validity/reliability OR ethical consideration. Explain how the method used in Clerkin & Smith (2019) is reliable/valid/ethical, according to your definition.

2. Clerkin & Smith found the infant’s visual world is cluttered with ~9 objects per frame, a few words and FOV objects are frequent and naming visually frequent objects is rare, but because the objects are frequent its likely that they will be in the FOV when named.

A. What are the implications of this research; why is it important?

B. Who would benefit from knowing about the research/implications; how would they benefit from this information?

3. Clerkin and Smith used infant-perspective head-mounted cameras to record infants’ natural, daily experiences. What other method could have been used to test their research question? How might this other method change the pattern of results?