A Comparison and Contrast essay looks at the similarities and differences between two or more things. For this assignment, you will write an eight paragraph essay comparing and contrasting the two short stories Finishing School by Maya Angelou and Whats in a Name? by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. You must have three points to compare, so a three-point thesis will be required. Because this assignment is comparing and contrasting the two stories, no biographical information about the authors should be used; instead, focus on the similarities and differences between what happens in the stories themselves. You may use research to help write this essay although it is not required. A Works Cited page must be included which will include the two stories and any research you may decide to use. Because you are writing about literature, you will have to use quotes from the stories to help you make your points. In-text citations must indicate the necessary information. I will provide the page numbers for the stories so that you may cite correctly. Every body paragraph should include at least one quote from the story (not from the historical information) as evidence that supports the thesis.  Times New Roman 12 font & doubled spaced