Bove, C. L., & Thill, J. V. (2018). Business Communication Today (14th ed.) New York,
NY: Pearson

Part 2 Applying the Three-Step Writing Process
Read Chapters 4-6

Discussion: Identify an Effective Message

Find a business letter that you find especially effective and explain why. This can be a
junk mail letter, a rejection for a job, a complaint, etc. When formulating your
response: identify the message, purpose, words and phrases used that create
appropriate tone; does it use a direct or indirect approach? Use your text to
formulate your response.

Response Parameters
Minimum 250350 word response
Include at least two (2) references from text in analysis
o Outside sources may be used as well

Refer to the RISE model (Links to an external site.) as a guide for writing
substantial reply posts