The slave went free; stood a brief moment in the sun; then moved back again toward slavery. Explain this assessment by WEB Dubois of the Reconstruction era by offering the historical evidence that supports each of the three parts of the quote. In what ways did Reconstruction succeed? In what ways did it fail? What has been its legacy?

Answer the question above completely and thoroughly using your readings, lectures and videos. Make sure you cite in MLA format. Upload as a doc or docx file.  Convert it to doc or docx file if using a Mac before upload.  Only utilize in class sources. Do not use any outside sources. Spelling and grammar will count towards grade. Write in 3rd person. Use New Times Roman font 12 and double space. There is no minimum or maximum. Because this is a take home exam, you will be penalized if you missed anything.  Make sure you are specific, provide details, explain and elaborate.

Avoid direct quotes, paraphrase instead and cite your source.  By uploading I will receive a turnitin report. It must be below 20% including quotes and citations.

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