One year after the Deepwater Horizon disaster you have become the new CEO of BP. You have been summoned before the board to present your detailed plans to change the companys culture and organizational design in both the short and long term. You need to address the organizational issues that lead to the disaster. Speak to the ability of individuals associated with the disaster to voice their values effectively (or not) that contributed to the disaster. Hint: Look at the decisions around the well design and centralizers.


Please consider this assignment as a role-playing exercise. Remember that you are presenting to the board and not to me so do not reference the course in your presentation. Also, keep in mind that you are expected to speak knowledgeably about the disaster and its causes, but many of the people in leadership positions during the time of the disaster are the same people you are presenting to. Be confident, but respectful.

Your presentation will be made through VoiceThread and must be between 14 and 15 minutes in length. If you are unfamiliar with VoiceThread, please make the time to learn how to use the software before attempting the assignment. You will need to use your campus email to access VoiceThread. (FEMALE(american) VOICE ONLY, If can not complete voice thread just create a presentation / speech that goes with the presentation and can be read off of for the presentation)

Also, the limited time range is a reminder to you to be respectful of the time allocated to you by the board. Be sure to make productive use of your presentation time. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse again. Use video, audio, and appropriate graphics to create a presentation as engaging, professional and robust as possible within the role-playing scenario.

Be sure to share the link to the presentation with me as part of the VoiceThread submission process. If I cannot access it, I cannot grade it. This is a challenging assignment as it requires you to apply the knowledge you acquired from the course material. This is a very important assignment and has a high point value. Please make this your best work!