RN Leadership

Article Review Assignment


Read several professional journal articles on the medical crisis termed Failure to Rescue. The articles publishing dates must be from 2015-2020. Ensure that the articles you are reading are not just the abstract, but the full paper. You will use, cite, and reference a minimum of 2 sources for your paper. After reading the articles, write an essay that is two to three pages in length. The three pages will include your review of the article and answers to the questions below. The essay should be typed and double-spaced. The essay must be a Word document and follow APA format. You will need to include an abstract page for this paper. The essay is to be ran through Safe Assign on blackboard with no higher than 30% for plagiarism. (Select Blackboard help down the left column. Type in submitting paper through Safe Assign and instructions will come up. Choose Safe Assign for students.) 

Your review will include the following:
Abstract page
Summary of the main points of the article
Accurate paraphrase of the article without plagiarizing the author
Answer the following questions:
Discussion of what you learned from the article.
Discussion on specific changes you will make to your nursing practice on a daily basis to prevent a Failure to Rescue injury to the clients under your care.
Citation of the articles in APA format
Reference page with links to articles per APA format