The research paper outline must contain:

A list of three key terms (“subjects” and “keywords”) that you have used to find materials in the UF libraries catalog and in the journals and journal indexes that are collected in Find Journals  (Links to an external site.)system.

A bibliography list (at least five sources) directly relevant to the topic. Academic sources include texts that have followed academic research protocols and were reviewed by “peers” (i.e., other qualified researchers).

Thesis statement and preliminary discussion.

Additional instructions:
Use Arial or Times New Roman fonts, 12pt, double space.
Proper academic format for citations and bibliographies (APA Style; MLA; or Chicago Style)
Recommended journals: Geoforum, City, Environment and Planning A, Antipode, Human Geography, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Global Development, Local Environment, etc.
Useful indexes and databases: JSTOR; Elsevier, Web of Sciences, Google Scholar.

Pick a topic from the list:

Role of MNC in the process of globalization
The impact of colonialism on the societies and geographies of the colonies
The influence of population size on economic development
The importance of health system on economic development
The global economy and environmental consequences
Agricultural commodity in the global economy
Major world industrial problems and approaches to their solution
Technological advance and development
Winners and losers in the global economy
The influence of transport and communications in development
Comparing countries/cities/capitals in a developed and developing country
Major urban problems today, their causes and solutions
Factories shut down in the US – causes and solutions
Food chains
Agricultural chains
Fashion industry issues
The effect of the coronavirus crisis on the global economy
Global COVID vaccine disparities