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The brain sits in the cranium surrounded by cerebral fluid. When a severe blow to the head occurs, the brain may collide with the cranium, then bounce back and collide with the opposite side of the cranium. At the neuronal level, a concussive blow to the head results in a twisting or stretching of the axons, which in turn creates swelling. Eventually, the swelling may subside and the neuron may return to its normal functioning. However, if the swelling of the axon is severe enough, the axon may disintegrate and may even cause permanent damaged. Many athletes will experience multiple concussions over the course of their career. Recently the NFL has stated it expects 1 in 3 former players will develop long-term cognitive issues.

Imagine a football player is tackled and hits the back of his head. As a result, his brain has hit the back of the cranium, then the front.

Name two specific brain structures. You may not use a lobe/cortex or neurons, so name specific structures like the hippocampus (but don’t use hippocampus). How would they likely be affected and why? What are the functions of these structures?
What temporary symptoms would we expect to see as result from trauma to the brain areas you listed above and why? You will have to do some research on this topic.
Additionally, what type of long-term issues would you expect to see from more permanent damage to the brain areas you mentioned above and why? You will have to do some research on this topic.
Based on what you have written, do you think there should be stricter regulations for how soon a player (of any sport) can return after a concussion? Why or why not? This is not a mere opinion essay; provide academic support for your answer.
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